Coco High and Coco Verde

To celebrate a great 2017 and welcoming a new year, Re.juve has been working creatively to create our latest innovation: The first and the purest Blended Coconut Smoothies in Indonesia.

Our newly launched Blended Coconut Smoothies is made pure from 100% premium raw Coconut. We handcrafted these beverages by blending pure coconut water and pure coconut meat, with no sugar, no pasteurization and no preservatives; thus it has velvety and creamy texture with refreshing indulgence taste, high in dietary fiber, high in antioxidants and rich in nutrients which make our Blended Coconut Smoothies is perfect to be consumed at any time.

We proudly present to you COCO HIGH (Coconut Water, Coconut Meat, and a dash of Sea Salt) and COCO VERDE (Coconut Water, Coconut Meat, Spirulina, and a dash of Sea Salt).